University Choir “Cantabile” turned three years!

University Choir “Cantabile” turned three years!


June 16th, 2014


        Beautiful, elegant and talented – just three years old were able to conquer the world. It’s about the 30 girls who make the team in the university choir Cantabile. After several international trophies conquered, on February 9 they have enchanted audiences in a concert at the Organ Hall. They had as guests: Chorus “The Knights of Harmony”, “Brio Sonores” “Ihos” Iasi, Romania, Chisinau Youth Orchestra and guests value, rooted or special passion for choral music: Diana Ciobanu, Beatrice Frecăuţan Aliona Munteanu, Valeriu Moruz. evening was a valuable and available sounds divine. ‘

        If our alliance would be a chorus, things in this country it’s going great! “reads convinced Elena Marian, one of the most rated Moldovan choir mistress at the time: “The choir organizes disciplines, cultivating beauty. I do keep in mind and understand that you are just a part, a voice in a whole. You can depend on a lot, but if you do not understand that the result is the fruit of a joint effort, then you’re the one who can spoil the work of 20 to 30 of singers. You have to come with provision to take care of voice, how you look. It is a great art and harmony in all “, stated Mrs. emotions still steaming from the recent concert, which raised the standing room. (see article).

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